Secondary Insurance

Medicare Secondary Insurance

Medicare Secondary Insurance is a Supplement to the Primary Health Insurance

"What is a Medicare secondary insurance?" asked Mr. John Ameson; "Is it different from a Medicare supplement policy?"

"A Medicare secondary insurance, popularly known as Medigap Secondary Payer or MSP, is different from a Medicare supplemental also known as Medigap ", replied Dr. Andrew Fisher.

"For certain categories of people, Medigap is the secondary payer regardless of the state law or plan provision", continued Dr. Fisher. "A Medigap secondary insurance is regulated by federal laws and rights and responsibilities of all the stake holders have been defined by the provisions of such laws."

"A secondary payer covers medical expenses only after a primary insurer has paid a claim. For example, if the claim is for $100 and primary insurer has paid $80 out of it, the secondary insurance will ensure payment of balance $20 only.", concluded Dr. Fisher.

Medicare becomes a secondary payer under a Medicare secondary insurance plan when a beneficiary is covered by insurance coverage. This forms part of Medigap's coordination of benefits (COB). Medigap secondary insurance plan takes effect in cases of: -

Group health insurance
Automobile or liability insurance
Workmen's compensation
United Mine workers.

Many Americans are confused by the difference between the term Medigap secondary insurance and Medicare supplemental insurance. We offer our expert assistance to such decent citizens on the for all types of plans.

Mr. John Jameson's problem was resolved when he consulted with us.

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